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The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Response Operations Center

Update: March 11, 2011

March 28, 2011


This disaster response operations center is being established to promote information sharing and coordination of activities by organizations and entities involved in relief efforts for areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, to enable them to coordinate efforts to the greatest degree possible.

Information sharing

  1. In order to achieve this objective, a group e-mail list will be set up for the operations center and collaborating organizations.
  2. The operations center will collect information related to current conditions and relief requests of areas affected by the disaster.
  3. Each group or organization will supply information on its current activities and future plans.
  4. The operations center will create a summary of information obtained in items 2. and 3. above, as well as information from the Tohoku relief efforts mailing list, and will work to foster effective information sharing and activity coordination between groups/organizations.
  5. The secretariat of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology will, to the greatest possible extent, coordinate responses to problems and report on these efforts to both the disaster response operations center and collaborating organizations.

Composition of the disaster response operations center

[The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology]

Overall center director President Haruo Kashima
Executive director Tsuyoshi Akiyama 
Coordinating board members Yuji Okazaki Tadahiko Sato
Masahiko Mikuni Yoshifumi Watanabe
Shinji Hosoda Hiroshi Matsuda
Akira Yoshizumi  
Disaster Response
Committee members
Yoshiharu Kim Yuriko Suzuki
Satomi Nakajima  
Staff members Koji Eida Makiko Moriyama
Kayoko Kodera Noriaki Shinohara

Participating organizations

[Contact points in areas affected by the disaster]

Iwate Mental Health Welfare Center Miyagi Mental Health Welfare Center
Sendai Mental Health Welfare Center Tohoku University
Fukushima Mental Health Welfare Center Fukushima Medical University

[Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare]

[Nanashakon, a council composed of seven psychiatry-related organizations in Japan]

Japanese Association of Psychiatric Hospitals
Japanese Association of Neuro-Psychiatry Clinics
Japan Municipal Hospital Association Division of Psychiatry
Japanese Society of General Hospital Psychiatry
Council of University Psychiatry Departments
Association of Directors of National Mental Hospitals

[Other groups involved]

National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
Japanese Society of Transcultual Psychiatry
The Japanese Association for Emergency Psychiatry
Japanese Hospital and Community Psychiatry Association
Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
The Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Japanese Red Cross Society
Japanese Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
Japanese Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists
Tokyo English Life Line
Hyogo Institute for Traumatic Stress
Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine
Japan Academy of Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing
Japanese Association of Mental Health and Welfare Center Directors
Japan Association of Family Therapy
Japanese Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Japanese Society of Social Psychiatry
Japanese Psychogeriatric Society

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